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Transparency is one of the key words in everything about free and open society. Sustainability depends on transparency even more than many other important aspect of our life. And this is why our votes, and our attention to the whole political process matters so much. To put it simple: if you can do only one thing to save environment for your children, become political activist, watchdog, and volunteer, and do your very best serving transparency of the political system. Some people after reading the previous sentence immediately think about left liberal trends, and it is a premature step. Forest, air, creek, and the ocean are not democratic, nor republican. Judgement about policy probably should be based not on political party affiliation, but on sound science and social justice restricting bias decisions.

Government Agencies and Elected Officials

Contact Your Elected Officials

Find and Contact Your Senator and House Representative

Open Government and Public Interests

5 major changes to US environmental policy in 2017 (CNN)

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