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Comprehensive nature of this course opens unlimited opportunities for students to explore ANY topic of interests related to the theme of this class. That means, you have no limitations in selection of the topic of your research.


Choice of the topic can be based on different approaches. First, you can do it in conjunction with what you already know well (your job, or hobby) to further develop your knowledge. Second, it may be exactly opposite, -- you can choose something you do not know much about, and wish to educate yourself in this field.

Under no circumstances you make this choice based on availability of the material on Internet, because it is misleading. You NEVER will have any problems with finding enough data; it always will be exactly the opposite: too much information to choose from. I.e. the only important factor before you start is -- follow your guts, and choose something you are interested in. 

Topics may be related to:

  • Particular phenomenon (species of animals; technology, etc.);

  • Particular region;

  • Problem (plastic pollution of the ocean; overpopulation; habitat fragmentation; loss of biodiversity;  politics and energy policy; environmental impact of war, etc.).

Each of these approaches has its own benefits and challenges; i.e., again, follow your interests!


Air pollution in California

Conservation of migratory birds

Endangered Species Act

Plastic Pollution of the World Ocean

Amur Tiger: Ecology and Conservation

Deforestation of Rain Forest

Impact of Global Warming on Coral Reefs

Alternative Energy and New Jobs

Social Service for Environmental Refugees

Oil Industry and Politics in USA (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, etc.)

Art and Conservation

Sustainability in Urban vs. Rural Communities

Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of Sharks

Sustainability in African Folklore 

Climate and Pest Control

Sustainability in American Indians Traditions

Urbanization in India

Risk and Benefits of Big Cities

Family Farms vs. Industrial Agriculture in the United States 

GMO: Risks and Benefits

Pesticides and Human Health

Impact of Vietnam War on Environment

Global Warming and Water Crisis

Tap Water Quality Around the World

Tourism and Environment

Earth Day: Traditions and Impact

Environmental Education in Europe

Recycling in Japan

Fashion, Over-consumption, and Environment

Best Recycling Technology Around the World

Chemicals in American Houshold

Environmental Impact of Electric Cars

Green Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

Environmental Justice

Urban Wildlife

Environmental Activism and Organized Crime

Illegal Trade of Rare Animals

City Parks and Conservation

American National Parks: Risks and Challenges

GMO and Human Health

Global vs. Local Approach in Conservation

Local Communities and Sustainability

Artificial Chemicals in Biosphere


If you have any questions regarding what to choose, you are always welcome to discuss it with professor. Do some homework on options you consider; learn about related topics, and if you are still not sure, ask about advice.

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