Digital communication facilitated information exchange beyond of anything our civilization experienced before. Amount of available information increases exponentially. It is more important now than ever to differentiate reliable sources/media from bias and serving private interests (propaganda). Please think about reliability every time when you pick up information from any source for any purpose, and do not skip check-up if you can do it.


Links in alphabetic order:

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Conservation International Newsroom

Facebook: Field Biology & Sustainability

Intelligent Living

NASA: Earth & Environment

Nature: Environmental Science

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NSF-National Science Foundation: Earth & Environment

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

PNAS: Sustainability

Popular Science: Environment

Science Alert/Environment

Science Daily: Environmental Science

Science Magazine News

Science News

Science News For Students: Earth & Environment

Scientific American: Environment

SciDevNet: Conservation & Livelihoods

The Nature Conservancy

The New York Times Climate Change Newsletter