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                                                                                             LIFE SCIENCE NEWS

          Digital communication facilitated information exchange beyond of anything our civilization experienced before. Amount of available information increases exponentially. It is more important now than ever to differentiate reliable sources/media from bias and serving private interests (propaganda). Please think about reliability every time when you pick up information from any source for any purpose, and do not skip check-up if you can do it.


Links in alphabetic order:

BBC News: Science and Environment

Conservation International Newsroom

Facebook: Field Biology & Sustainability

Intelligent Living

NASA: Earth & Environment

Nature: Environmental Science

NBC News: Science & Environment

NSF-National Science Foundation: Earth & Environment

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

PNAS: Sustainability

Popular Science: Environment

Science Alert/Environment

Science Daily: Environmental Science

Science Magazine News

Science News

Science News For Students: Earth & Environment

Scientific American: Environment

SciDevNet: Conservation & Livelihoods

The Nature Conservancy

The New York Times Climate Change Newsletter

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